Wheelchair seat belt: What device will keep my client secure in their wheelchair while on a HandyDART?

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What device will keep my client secure in their wheelchair while on a HandyDART?


My client uses a wheelchair and often uses HandyDART to get around the community. I want to ensure that she is secure in her wheelchair when riding the bus - is there such a thing as a seat belt or security bar for a wheelchair?

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It is extremely important for your client to be secure in their wheelchair, especially when in a vehicle, such as a HandyDART.

There are a number of wheelchair seat belts available commercially; however, there are several documented physical, cognitive and emotional risks to using restraints. Before purchasing and implementing any form of restraint for an individual in a wheelchair, it is important to seek consent from the client or their designated decision maker. If you choose to purchase a wheelchair seat belt, make sure that the one you select is compatible with your client's wheelchair make. Below are some direct links to a few examples of wheelchair restraints:

  • AutoStyle Wheelchair Seat Belt, by Drive MedicalAutoStyle Wheelchair Seat Belt by Drive Medical (at Healthcare Solutions) can be used with all Drive Medical and other leading manufacturers' wheelchairs. The seat belt, which has a waist size of up to 48 inches and looks like your average car seat belt, attaches at the front. This device costs about $40 to $60 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees.
  • Wheelchair Seatbelt by NEPPT (at Amazon Canada) is made out of comfortable, durable, and breathable pearl cotton. This product is designed to secure a person at the waist or abdomen, and costs about $20 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees.
  • Anti-Fall Wheelchair Seatbelt by Wisexplorer (at Amazon Canada) is used to comfortably secure a patient at their chest to a wheelchair. This product, which crosses in the back of the wheelchair and loops under it, provides extra security to help prevent the person from falling out. This seat belt costs about $55 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees.

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