Push/pull control system: Where can I go to get hand controls installed in my vehicle?

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Where can I go to get hand controls installed in my vehicle?


I need a place to supply and install a push/pull handicap drive controls in my vehicle.

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Displayed is a person in a wheelchair entering the driver's side of a car that's modified for people with paraplegia.For Push/Pull Control systems Sure Grip Controls, based in New Brunswick, offers a line of innovative products. The Traditional Push/Pull System is a mechanical option that relies on user’s strength and dexterity to control the pedals. MPS also makes a similar mechanical Push Pull Hand Control system. Sure Grip’s Featherlite Push/Pull System is an electronic option that can be adjusted to meet the user’s strength requirements. The installation kits for these products are vehicle-specific, so be prepared to share the make, model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) with the installer. It’s also important that the end user is involved for the final fitting. Depending on the model, installation, and additional features costs range between $1550 and $2200 (CDN).

There are several companies in BC that supply and install accessible vehicle controls, including push/pull hand control system.

  • Alliance Mobility in Richmond and Kelowna stocks the Sure Grip products and can be reached at (604)-370-7004.
  • Island Mobility in Nanaimo and Victoria also stocks a range of Sure Grip products along with other driving controls. They can be reached toll-free at 1-855-593-0959.
  • Sidewinder in Chilliwack also stocks Sure Grips products and can be reached at (604)-792-2082.
  • Silver Cross Automotive in Maple Ridge currently offers one Push/Pull system, the one by MPS. They carry other Sure Grip products and can be reached at (877)-215-7609.

Some organizations also offer driver support programs and services specific to the driver’s diagnosis or disability. For instance, in partnership with GF Strong the MS Society has a Driver Rehabilitation Program for individuals aged 16 and older with a physical or cognitive disability.

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