One-handed access to ID: Following a stroke, it’s difficult to access my credit cards and ID. Any suggestions?

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Following a stroke, it’s difficult to access my credit cards and ID. Any suggestions?


I am right handed and had a stroke on my left side. As a result, it’s difficult and frustrating trying to get my credit cards and ID out to use. Are there any devices for this?

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Most wallets are designed to keep credit cards firmly in their pockets, which makes it difficult to slide the card out with one hand. You might want to explore wallets where the credit card pocket is low enough that the card can be pushed out of its pocket with the thumb.

Wallets such as the Weekender Wallet (at Bespoke Post) or the Spine Wallet (at are designed with the ability to slide cards out easier. These wallets range in price from about $35 to $40 (USD), plus a shipping fee.

Fantom Mens Wallet (at Fantom) is a fanning wallet that lets you gGrab the card you need with a quick flip of the lever. With the draw slot, you can use the wallet with one hand and pull out the top card with your thumb. It comes with an array of attachments, such as coin holder, clear ID compartment, and key holder. The wallets start at about $75 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees.

Another option you might want to explore is a money belt to hold your credit cards. Money belts come in many shapes and sizes, but most are designed to be large enough to carry cash, credit cards, as well as phones or passports. By securing the money belt to your body, your dominant hand is able to access your items easily. One example is the Money Belt for Travel by MYCARBON (at Amazon Canada), which is a lightweight and waterproof pouch designed for easy access to your items. This product costs about $20 (CDN).

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