Vehicle hand controls: Where can we get hand controls for our car’s brake and gas pedals?

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Where can we get hand controls for our car’s brake and gas pedals?


Due to the severity of his diabetes, my brother has just had his right foot amputated below the ankle. Can his car be adapted with hand controls so that he can still drive?

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If your brother’s physician has cleared him for driving with vehicle modifications, he may be interested in knowing about adapted driving controls as well as a few other options that may be appropriate for him. Hand controls may be one option for him. However, other possibilities do exist, such as modification of his vehicle, driving a stock vehicle using a prosthetic limb or other appropriate adaptations.

If he does need to consider adapting his vehicle, there are several retailers in British Columbia that sell, install and service adaptive driving equipment. In order to assist his vendor of choice in selecting the appropriate modifications and to make sure licensing and insurance issues are properly taken care of, it is strongly recommended that your brother consults with an organization or professional qualified to provide comprehensive driver rehabilitation services.

Below are direct links to facilities that are currently providing comprehensive driver rehabilitation services in British Columbia as of March 2022, include:

Any comprehensive driver rehabilitation program should be able to guide you, following appropriate assessment and training, in sourcing and installing vehicle adaptations into your private vehicle. However, it is generally recommended that you choose a vendor who is a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Associations (NMEDA). NMEDA mobility equipment dealers are required to participate in a Quality Assurance Program that requires adherence to a set of guidelines that meet high-quality safety standards and will also be carrying adequate insurance for the purpose of undertaking modifications of any vehicle's primary control systems.

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