Wheelchair cushions: Is there a cushion that will prevent my brother from getting sores and experiencing skin breakdown?

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Is there a cushion that will prevent my brother from getting sores and experiencing skin breakdown?


My brother, who uses a wheelchair, has noticed some skin breakdown behind his legs. Is there a cushion or pad that he can put on the seat of his car to stop his skin from becoming agitated and sore?

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Sitting in a wheelchair for long periods of time can be very hard on the skin. Thankfully, there are a number of wheelchair seats and cushions specifically designed to prevent pressure ulcers, sores and skin breakdown. Below are direct links to a few products you may wish to explore:

  • Jay Easy Cushion (at Sunrise Medical) is a skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion with a contoured design for added comfort. This cushion costs about $620 to $650 (CDN), plus a shipping fee. 
  • High Profile Cushion by ROHOROHO High Profile Cushion (at National Seating & Mobility) offers flexible air cells that conform to the body, allowing for a customized and personal fit. This device costs about $600 to $700 (CDN), plus a shipping fee. For more information on pricing and ordering, call Advanced Mobility Products at one of their three locations - Lower Mainland: 604-293-0002; Kelowna: 250-860-9920; Nanaimo: 250-751-3735.
  • J3 Cushion by Sunrise Medical (at Sunrise Medical) is a customizable wheelchair cushion that provides pressure distribution for a client at high risk of skin breakdown. This product starts at about $930 (CDN).

If the skin breakdown is occurring behind the knee or lower thigh, your brother may also want to consider applying sheepskin to this area to help protect against friction, tears and further pressure ulcer development. 

Sometimes skin breakdown can be a result of a poorly fitting wheelchair in addition to the cushion or other accessories. You may, therefore, wish to investigate whether your brother has the best seating system for his needs.

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