Vacuum robots: What products would help my aunt clean her house following surgery?

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What products would help my aunt clean her house following surgery?


Due to recent hip surgery and arthritis, my aunt hasn't been able to keep up with housecleaning. She usually hosts lots of family events and encourages people to drop by, but she’s now isolating herself because she’s too embarrassed about the untidiness. I’d like to give her one of those new vacuum robots, but I’m overwhelmed by the choices. Can you suggest something that will work well in her two-bedroom townhouse?

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It should be noted that robot vacuums and mops are not recommended to replace their upright counterparts. They are best used as a maintenance tool between more intense cleans. If you still believe robot cleaners are a good fit, we’ve listed one product below under the heading 'Robot Mops', which work exclusively on hard floors and use a wet clean, and we've listed several products under the heading 'Robot Vacuums', which work on a variety of surfaces and use a floor cleaner brush and suction. If you are having trouble deciding which one is best for you, visit one of the stores below and speak to a sales representative with your specific questions.

Direct links to examples of Robot Mops, ranging from $250 to $350 (Cdn):

Direct links to examples of Robot Vacuums, ranging from $300 to $1,200 (Cdn):

For more information, check out “The Best Affordable Robot Vacuums of 2019” (direct link) on

Keep in mind that if your aunt has movement restrictions from her recent hip surgery, she will likely need assistance setting up the Robot Mop/Vacuum and changing the pads and batteries.

Some technologies and devices may require an in-person assessment. Speak with your health care provider for additional information and support.

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