Single-handed typing: What is a good keyboard for someone with tremors in one hand?

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What is a good keyboard for someone with tremors in one hand?


My mom's tremors in her right hand are so bad now that she is limited to only using her left hand. She's still trying to connect with her grandchildren regularly on the computer but it's slow work with just one hand. Are there any keyboards that are easier to use with one hand?

Our answer

Yes, there are a variety of compact keyboards that are appropriate for one-handed use. Below you will find some direct links to a couple of products you may want to explore:

  • Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard (at is a wireless keyboard for PC/Mac/iOS/Android devices. It is about 11 inches in width, smaller than a standard keyboard without the number pad. This device, which costs about $50 (CDN), plus a shipping fee, can also be purchased at online retailers, including Amazon
  • Adesso Mini USB Keyboard with Embedded Numeric Keypad (at Amazon Canada) is designed for Windows computers and is comfortable and easy to use. This device costs about $100 to $110 (CDN), plus a shipping fee, and can also be purchased at other online retailers.
  • Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-in Multi-Touch (at Amazon Canada) is a wireless all-in-one keyboard with functional touchpad, similar to the touchpad of a laptop computer. This compact, slim keyboard allows for easy use – with the mouse and keyboard inputs located closely together. Battery-powered and wireless allows the keyboard to be used in whichever position deemed most comfortable to the user. This product costs about $30 to $50 (CDN), plus additional shipping fees.
  • OOptimized Wireless Keyboard, by BeeRaider ptimized or QWERTY Wireless Radial Keyboard & Mouse by BeeRaider (at is a keyboard designed to be compact and ergonomic with the idea of aiding individuals with limited use of both hands. The keyboard comes in two designs: the Optimized layout, which focuses on having the most frequently occurring characters of the English language readily available to the most agile fingers (index and middle fingers); and the QWERTY layout, which follows the familiar layout of the standard QWERTY keyboard. These keyboards cost about $95 to $140 (USD), plus an additional shipping fee.

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