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Is there provincial or federal dental coverage for Seniors


Are partials covered for Seniors?

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Unfortunately, at this time, there is no clear senior-specific dental funding provincially or federally, but there are discounts, income supplements, and non-age-related coverage available. The most significant parts of our answer are related to provincial and federal funding, along with what financial support an individual is already receiving. Below is a review of information from Seniors First BC, the BC Dental Association, and the BC Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.


Seniors First BC

  • Seniors First BC is a support line for seniors that have or are experiencing abuse, but they are also a very good organization that has recorded a variety of senior-related resources, including dental health-related ones. The following was provided by Seniors First BC and is a location-specific list of discounted dental services offices across BC that will provide dental care to Seniors:

The Free Dental Clinic (Abbotsford) 604-859-5749

Coolaid Dental Clinic (Victoria) 250-383-5957

Community Dental Access Center (Northern Okanogan) 778-475-7779

Emergency Dental Outreach (Prince George) 250 613 7246

Strive Dental Non-Profit Dental Clinic (Surrey) 604-503-5710

Henning Emergency Clinic of Kindness (Penticton) 778-476-2050

BC Dental Association

  • The BC Dental Association They do not offer any dental or denturist insurance coverage, but they are able to connect seniors with dentists and denturists that offer senior discounts across British Columbia. Seniors can call 1-888-396-9888 and explain their situation, and they will be provided with a file number for a dentist in their area that provides senior discounts. Seniors must make direct contact with the dentist or denturist that is offered.
  • The BC Dental Association also recommends Your Dental for tech-savvy seniors, for the same access to dentists and denturists that offer senior discounts across BC. Use the ‘Find a Dentist’ tool, select individual dental needs, desired location, and the ‘Senior Discount’ option, and users will be able to find a dental health professional that can provide affordable services.

Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction

  • The Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction (MSDPR) provides dental coverage that includes dentures and partials; however, this coverage is only available to low-income individuals that are receiving income assistance from MSDPR. There are three categories: people with a permanent disability designation, persons with persistent multiple barriers  designation, and those that are eligible to receive general health supplements.
  • Seniors can be part of any of these groups; age is not a determinant. But it is less common because, often, when BC Seniors receive Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), Old Age Security (OAS), and the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP), they are above the low income level to be eligible for these income supplement programs and the dental coverage.

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