Light switch extender: What device will help my patient turn on and off the lights?

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What device will help my patient turn on and off the lights?


My client, who is in a wheelchair, lives at home alone and has difficulty operating the lights around the house. Do you know of a device that will help them reach the light safely and easily?

Our answer

Being able to access and operate the lights around the house is not only important for daily convenience, but also for safety reasons. Below are direct links to some products that may be useful for your patient’s needs:

  • The Light Switch Extender by Extend-A-Switch (at Amazon Canada) helps individuals who have difficulty accessing a light switch to turn lights on and off. This product easily mounts on your light switch plate and fits all standard toggle light switches (i.e. light switches with a pointed switch that is flipped up or down to turn on and off lights). This device comes in a pack of two and costs about $30 to $45 (CDN), plus an additional shipping fee. 
  • The Decora Light Switch Extender by Switch Xtender (at Amazon Canada) can be used with Rocker light switches (i.e. light switches with a flat surface that is pressed down on to turn on or off light). This product fits over standard light switch plates and can be easily installed with a screwdriver. This device costs about $40 to $50 for a pack of two (CDN). 
  • The Wi-Fi Smart Light Switch by TP-LINK (at Best Buy Canada) is a device that allows you to wirelessly control the lighting in your home through the Kasa app on your smartphone or tablet. The Kasa app is free and is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. This product costs about $25 per switch (CDN). 
  • TNP Products Wireless Outlet Switch with Remote Control  is a device designed to control your outlets with one switch from up to 100 feet away. This device costs about $40 to $60 (CDN) plus additional shipping fees, and comes with two remotes and five plug extensions.

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