iPad Training: Is there any free help online for a senior with an iPad?

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Is there any free help online for a senior with an iPad?


Is there any free help online for an 80 year old senior with an iPad ?

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Technologies like tablets and iPads have potential to benefit a senior’s wellbeing through applications for entertainment, self management, and social connection. Learning how to use an iPad can be both challenging and rewarding. That’s why many beginners choose to access courses to learn more about their devices. Below we have listed a few different formats for training including: online courses, apps, documents, videos and in-person training.

Displayed is an older woman in a library, holding a tablet and wearing headphones that are attached to the tablet.Apple Stores offers free introductory courses for their devices and right now those courses are available online. Select any store in British Columbia to view and register for classes. PC Magazine has posted an article online to help get signed up for one of these courses.

There are a few apps that are designed to introduce seniors to the functionality of their iPads in a very friendly set-by-step format beginning with using a touch screen. Easy Tablet Help for Seniors by Generations on Line is a free app that provides iPad training using simple language and large text.

AgeAction has put together a simple comprehensive guide to getting started with an iPad. This free document is both printer-friendly and it can be viewed online.

Video can be another great format for seniors to learn about devices. There are a few YouTube channels that present information about technology, including iPads, to seniors in a clear and simple way:

There may also be programs available in your community. Recently the United Way Healthy Aging has launched a Digital Learning Pilot Project to invest into community programming that "aims to increase digital literacy among seniors." You can find a senior's centre near you by searching on BC211. For more information about in-person classes or training for other devices see our technology training article.

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