Grocery Delivery: What options are available for ordering groceries in BC?

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What options are available for ordering groceries in BC?


I am looking for some options for getting groceries delivered to my home. I get advertisements and I see delivery vehicles, but I don't know what's available or how it works.

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**Currently, the situation regarding COVID-19 may impact the availability of some grocery delivery services. Please check the delivery provider's website for the most up-to-date information.**

Grocery shopping can present a lot of challenges for seniors: reaching for products, lifting heavy bags, transportation there and back. Thankfully, there are many services available that bring groceries to you without the hassle of shopping. It can be challenging to navigate these different options, so we have broken them down for you to explore further.

Some grocery stores offer a delivery service. Generally, this involves shopping online, paying via credit card, and selecting a delivery date and time. We have listed some stores that have multiple locations across BC here:

  • Displayed is a delivery person with a filtered mask delivering a box of fresh groceries to an older woman at her frontdoor.Save-On-Foods offers customers the ability to purchase their groceries online and have them delivered to their homes. This service is not offered in every location, and geographic restriction may impact service availability. To qualify for delivery shoppers must purchase a minimum of $40 (CDN) worth of groceries.
  • Walmart offers a grocery delivery service. Customers can shop online and choose either a free store pick up or a $10 (CDN) delivery to their home. To qualify for delivery shoppers must meet the minimum order amount which is $50 (CDN). The minimum order for pickup is $25 (CDN). The service is currently available in parts of Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, and Kelowna. On their website, you can check to see if delivery is available to your home.
  • Thrifty Foods also offers grocery, where customers can order their groceries for delivery. This can be done online, or - for eligible seniors in select locations - over the phone through the Sendial program. The minimum order is $40 (CDN) for online or $25 (CDN) for Sendial.
  • Costco Canada offers two day delivery for Costco members. Deliveries are only made on weekdays. There is no delivery charge for orders of $75 (CDN) or more. This service is available to members in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Prince George, Kamloops, and Courtenay.

You might also be interested in delivery services that aren’t associated with a grocery store. For some of these services, the groceries delivered may come direct from producers or farmers. For other services, they may shop at one or more stores of your choice. Many of these services are fairly new, and as such, they might not be available outside of urban centres. However, they might be expanding services as they continue to grow. We have listed several of these services below:

  • is an online grocery delivery service. Their groceries are sourced directly from producers and farmers. The site offers service to the Vancouver area and to the Victoria area. The Vancouver area covers all of Metro Vancouver, stretching North up to Pemberton, covering the Fraser Valley and as far East as Hope. The Victoria range includes most of Southern Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, and the Eastern coast of Vancouver Island up to Lantzville. Each area has at least one delivery day a week, and deliveries that meet the minimum order requirement are free. Urgent deliveries are available to customers in the Vancouver area at an additional charge of about $8 to $10 (CDN).
  • Instacart is a grocery delivery service. Shoppers can order groceries through their website, or over their mobile application for Android or iOS. The minimum delivery order is $10 (CDN). Delivery fees range based on the time you want your order delivered – if it’s particularly busy it may cost more. The price ranges between $4 and $8 (CDN) plus additional service fees. Service is often only available in urban centres, you can check to see if Instacart delivery services are available in your area.
  • InaBuggy is a Canadian grocery delivery app for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Users order their groceries through the app and InaBuggy’s personal shoppers buy the items, pack them, and deliver them. In BC, InaBuggy covers some parts of Metro Vancouver. There is a flat delivery fee of about $20 (CDN) and an additional $10 (CDN) for each store the shopper goes to.
  • Kiki’s Delivery is a grocery delivery service available to shoppers in Vancouver, and parts of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Burnaby. Ordering is done online and delivery is free for orders $30 (CDN) or more, and about $5 (CDN) for orders under $30 (CDN).

Some services that offer restaurant delivery may also offer grocery delivery depending on your location. These include Skip the DishesDoorDash, and UberEats.

You may also be interested in meal kits. Instead of ordering groceries, shoppers order meals that they would like to cook. The kits are then delivered to the shopper and include recipes and specific ingredients needed to complete each recipe. Please note that many of these services use a subscription model and may renew the service each week unless canceled. We have listed a few options to explore here:

  • Displayed is a opened meal delivery kit containing all ingredients need to cook the included recipe. FreshPrep is a Vancouver-based meal kit subscription service. In this meal kit, all the ingredients come prepped – already portioned for cooking. The price includes delivery and tax, thus the price varies based on the amount of meals and servings; generally, between $10 and $13 (CDN) per serving. Available in Greater Vancouver, Squamish, the Fraser Valley, Greater Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, and Penticton.
  • HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery subscription service. They offer a family plan, a quick meal plan, a vegetarian option. Shoppers can order online from their computer or using their iOS or Android mobile application. The delivery fee is about $10 (CDN) and the meals start at about $11 (CDN) per person. HelloFresh delivers in BC.
  • Chef’s Plate is a meal kit delivery subscription service. They offer several meal plans including vegetarian and 15 minutes – which includes ingredients already portioned and ready for cooking. Prices range between about $9 to $13 (CDN) per portion. They deliver to BC and allow you to email your postal code if there are concerns about delivery.
  • Good Food is a meal kit delivery subscription service. Meal prices vary but start at about $9 (CDN) per portion. Good Food delivers in BC, you can email to check if they serve your community.

Some local grocery stores and delivery services might also offer their own delivery option. We have listed a few local options:

  • Across Town Delivery offers to deliver groceries purchased from the Real Canadian Superstore. This service is available in Vernon and fees start at $15 (CDN).
  • AJA Delivery is a delivery service in Vernon that will deliver grocery 7 days a week starting at $10 (CDN).
  • Good Food Box is a non-profit alternative fruit and vegetable distribution system available in a number of Victoria neighbourhoods. Shoppers can purchase different boxes containing a variety of fruits and vegetables for pick up or delivery.
  • Farm Bound delivers boxes of organic groceries direct from farmers and producers. They serve many communities in BC’s Interior. The minimum order is $50 (CDN) or a packing fee of $5 (CDN).
  • Fresh St. Market offers delivery and pick up to parts of Surrey, Vancouver and, the North shore. The delivery fee is about $10 (CDN).
  • Larry’s Market in North Vancouver offers vegan and vegetarian grocery delivery seven days a week. You can order online and if you order before 6:30 pm you qualify for same-day delivery.
  • Pepper’s Foods in Cadboro Bay offers delivery Monday to Friday. There is a Shopping Fee of $5 (CDN) and a Delivery Fee of $5 (CDN). If the order is under $50 (CDN) or outside a 5km radius then there is an additional $5 (CDN) charge. You can order online, or by phone or fax.
  • Red Barn Market in Victoria offers some grocery delivery services. Shoppers who reside in James Bay or Fairfield may fill out a delivery service form with a cashier to get started. Curbside pickup is available from the Vanalman store through the Red Barn mobile app for Android and iOS.
  • Stong’s Market in Vancouver offers delivery to the city of Vancouver, the North shore, and Bowen Island. Delivery dates vary by location. The cost of delivery is $11 (CDN) for all locations except for Bowen Island which is $15 (CDN).
  • Valley Direct offers grocery delivery to multiple locations across the Interior and Fraser Valley.

Many other grocery stores that have not been listed above may offer pick-up service. Typically customers would shop online then select a time to come and pick up the groceries. In some instances, store staff can help to load the groceries into your vehicle.

If you still can’t find what you're looking for, please ask us a question.