Gliding shelves: Any suggestions to make it easier for me to open and access drawers?

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Any suggestions to make it easier for me to open and access drawers?


My arthritis is making it increasingly hard for me to open doors, cupboards and drawers, and access the items inside. Is there anything that could help with this? I should mention that I have a son who is very handy, so he could help.

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Compared to roun"Create a Pantry" Sliding Shelf Option, by Gliding Shelfd door knobs, taps and handles reduce the strain it takes to open doors. Your local hardware store and large retailers such as Canadian Tire and Home Depot will likely carry a wide variety from which to choose. You may want to visit a store to determine which types work best for your hand size and grip.

Other solutions to consider are slide-out shelves or drawers, which are designed to make items easier to reach. Below are direct links to some examples of companies that offer these pr"Hidden Corner" Sliding Shelf Option, by Gliding Shelfoducts:

  • DIY Shelfworks is a Canadian company that offers shelves that already come with the bracket attached, making them easier to install.
  • A sister company, called Gliding Shelf, will do the installation if you prefer. The company has authorized dealers in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island.

An important strategy is to ensure that your kitchen and other storage areas are organized with frequently used and heavier items at an easy to reach height. Keep light and less often used items in the very bottom drawers or upper shelves to minimize the effort needed to access your items.

It may, in some cases, be possible to receive funding for certain home adaptations. For more information about financial aid programs and supports, please visit our Financial aid for equipment page.

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