Firewood cart: What device can help me move firewood around my property?

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What device can help me move firewood around my property?


I live on a large farm in the BC Interior and I rely on a wood-burning fireplace to keep the house warm in the winter. I am recovering from a severe back injury and I am no longer able to carry large amounts of firewood, making it difficult for me to use the fireplace. Do you know of a device that will make it easier for me to move a large amount of firewood from the woodpile to my fireplace?

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It is great to hear that you are taking care of your back and are not lifting heavy objects, such as firewood. There are a number of firewood carts available commercially, which are designed to make it easier to move wood from the woodpile to the fireplace. Below are some examples of such products:

  • Yardworks Portable Firewood Caddy (at Canadian Tire) is made of steel and has rubber treads, allowing for movement over many types of terrain. This product also comes with a polyester cover that helps keep wood dry in the rain or snow. This device costs about $60 (CDN), plus a shipping fee.
  • Haul-It Wood Mover Rolling Firewood Cart by Shelter Logic (at Lowe's) is a sturdy cart with all-terrain tires and is easy to assemble. This device costs about $145 (CDN), plus a shipping fee.
  • Firewood Log Cart by Sunnydaze Decor (at Amazon Canada) offers extra support when moving and maneuvering a large amount of wood. This device costs about $180 (CDN), plus a shipping fee. 

Keep in mind that while loading and unloading the firewood you should maintain good posture to protect your back. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety offers the following tips:

  • Prepare to lift by warming up the muscles
  • Stand close to the load, facing the way you intend to move
  • Use a wide stance to gain balance
  • Ensure a good grip on the load
  • Keep arms straight
  • Tighten abdominal muscles
  • Tick chin into the chest
  • Initiate the lift with body weight
  • Lift to load close to the body
  • Lift smoothly without jerking
  • Avoid twisting and side bending while lifting

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