Financial resources: What is available for low income seniors who need to replace their dentures or glasses?

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What is available for low income seniors who need to replace their dentures or glasses?


Are there are financial resources a low income senior can access for assistance with replacing dentures? Or glasses?

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We understand that dental and optical services can be costly and that, in many cases, British Columbians may require financial support to purchase eyewear and dental prosthetics such as dentures.

There are a few financial aid programs designed to support individuals in need of extra assistance related to medical costs; however, eligibility for these programs can depend on a wide range of factors.

As a starting point, you may wish to look into the Health Supplements and Programs that are available through the BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA) Program. BCEA provides eligible recipients who meet the Ministry of Health’s residency requirements premium free medical coverage through the Medical Services Plan (MSP). Health supplements and medical costs including, Dental & Orthodontic Services, and Optical Services, are provided to BCEA recipients who meet the specified eligibility requirements for each supplement.

You also may wish to contact the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction's Dental Information Line to talk about eligibility for replacement dentures. The phone number is 1-866-866-0800. There is more information online regarding denture coverage here.

Labatt Better Together provides direct funding to individuals or families who are in need of assistance for basic essentials or quality of life services. The types of grants provided by Labatt Better Together include basic necessities, youth development, elderly support and health such as but not limited to; medical equipment, prosthetics and eyewear. The application criteria requires the applicant to be 19+ years of age and be a Canadian resident to apply. The applicant must met additional eligibility requirements and applications may take up to 90 days to undergo the grant decision making process.

bc211 is an organization that specializes in providing information and recommendations regarding community, government and social services in BC. Their resources include information around Health Care, Financial Assistance and Older Adults with a focus on services and organizations in your community.    

Please note that these programs and grants are not exhaustive and that in most cases, you will need to conduct further research on your own to identify what financial aid programs, if any, apply to your situation. Additionally, your local dentist or optometrist may have programs that they recommend.

Please visit our resources section to learn more about financial aid for equipment.

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