Back brace: Is there a device I can wear that will protect my lower back from injury?

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Is there a device I can wear that will protect my lower back from injury?


I am a landscaper, and not too long ago, I injured my lower back on a job. I am hoping to get back to work soon, but I am getting older and less nimble, so I want to do everything I can to prevent this type of injury from happening again . I have noticed that there are a lot of back support products for people who work desk jobs and sit all day. However, seeing as I am usually up and about throughout the day, I am wondering if you know of some kind of support I can wear around my back that will force me to maintain good posture during the work day?

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Protecting your back from injury is extremely important, especially when working a job that requires a lot of heavy lifting.

If you haven't already done so, you may wish to talk to your workplace about making accommodations to help you stay injury free at work. You may also be interested in knowing about back braces, which are typically designed to relieve back pain and stiffness, protect against injury and help correct posture. Below are direct links to some examples of such products:

  • Universal Waist Back Support Belt by Uline (at has adjustable and removable suspenders and is made out of breathable mesh that keeps you cool and comfortable. This product fits waist sizes between 26 and 50 inches and costs about $32 (CDN), plus a shipping fee.
  • LordoLoc Back Brace by Bauerfeind (at Clinic Supplies Canada) consists of a lightweight aluminum corset designed to stabilize the lower back. It is made of soft, thin and lightweight materials, allowing it to be discretely worn beneath clothing. This product, which is available in a number of sizes, costs about $200 (CDN), plus an additional shipping fee.
  • Basic Lumbar Support by Breg (at Ortho Med Canada Ltd.) is a durable, elastic back support that provides compression for lumbar stabilization. This product which can be used to treat a variety of back injuries, including low back pain and disc injuries, costs about $130 (CDN).

Keep in mind that while these products may help support your posture, wearing them regularly and without performing strengthening exercises may lead to a weakness in your lower back and core. It may, therefore, be worthwhile to learn about strategies for strengthening these muscles in order to reduce your overall risk of injury. 

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