Automatic stove shutoff: What automatic stove shutoffs options are there?

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What automatic stove shutoffs options are there?


My mom and dad still like to cook at home, but I know they've set off their fire alarm a few times over the years by forgetting about their food. What automatic stove shutoffs options are there?

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The pleasure and independence that comes with cooking and using the stove can be highly valued by a senior, but forgetting to turn off the burner or stove can create a serious danger to themselves and others in the home. While many automatic stove shut-off devices can be costly, the development of smart homes and devices has made stove monitoring technology more affordable and a possible alternative to consider.

Automatic shut-off option that you might want to explore:

  • FireAvert is an American company that has developed a device designed to automatically shut off a stove when the smoke detector sounds. The FireAvert device works by plugging itself between the wall outlet and the stove. When setting up the device, the user synchronizes the device with the sound of their smoke detector. In cases where there’s smoke and the detector begins to sound, the FireAvert device will recognize the smoke detector’s sound and automatically shut off the stove. The FireAvert costs about $150 (USD) plus additional shipping fees and can installed for electric stoves (three-prong and four-prong outlets), gas stoves and other appliances as well.

Stove monitoring devices that you might want to consider:

  • Smarturns Intelligent Knobs System by Tochtech Technologies is a remote stove monitoring device that uses smart knobs, a motion sensor device, Wi-Fi and a smart hub to detect when a stove’s burners have been left on unattended. To monitor the stove’s use, the user or caregiver connects to the hub through the Smarturns app on their smartphone. When the burner is in use and the motion sensor has not detected movement in the kitchen for an extended period of time, the app will send a notification to the user or caregiver’s smartphone. These knobs are designed to work for both electric and gas stoves and cost about $200 (CDN) for two knobs or $250 (CDN) for four knobs, plus additional shipping fees.
  • A device that both automatically turns off the stove and sends a notification to the user or caregiver's smartphone is the iGuardStove Automatic Stove Shut-Off Device by iGuard Home Solutions Inc. (at The iGuard uses a motion sensor to detect movement in the kitchen and will automatically shut off the stove if no movement is detected after a certain amount of time. This device costs about $695(CDN).  

Other non-WiFi related monitoring and automatic shutoff device options include:

  • BurnerAlert Stove Reminder Disc, by BurnerAlert LLCThe BurnerAlert Stove Reminder Disc by BurnerAlert LLC are discs that attach to the stove knobs and use audio alerts by beeping and visual alerts by blinking to remind the person that the stove is on. You can also program Amazon Alexa to listen for the BurnerAlert beeping and notify you via text, email, or phone. Please note, that the BurnerAltert will not turn off your stove for you. For more information Watch How BurnerAlert works and How Alexa Can Alert You. This product costs about $70 (USD) for a pack of four disks, plus a shipping fee.

If you have concerns about someone’s ability to cook safely, it is highly recommended you consult a healthcare professional to complete a safety assessment and provide appropriate recommendations.

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