Anti-spill cups: Is there a safe coffee cup for someone who has tremors?

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Is there a safe coffee cup for someone who has tremors?


My wife loves drinking coffee, but her hand tremors are getting worse and I worry that she will burn herself while drinking it. Can you recommend a solution for this?

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There are a number of devices designed to help people with hand tremor conditions drink more easily and safely. Below are direct links to some examples of products you may want to explore:

  • GSI Glacier Stainless Steel Camp Cup (at Mountain Equipment Co-Op) is a travel mug that is in the shape of a regular coffee cup. This product, which has a fitted lid to keep it from spilling, costs about $20 (CDN). Visit the Mountain Equipment Co-Op website to view their wide selection of travel mugs.
  • The Lifestyle Handle Cup, by Drive MedicalDrive Medical Lifestyle 2-Handle Cup (at Macdonald’s Home Health Care) is specifically designed to help people who have tremor conditions. This product, which costs about $20 (CDN), features an anti-splash lid and spout to avoid potential hot beverage burns or spills. It can also be purchased online from Walmart Canada.
  • Weighted Insulated Mug (at is a weighted mug with a lid that helps to stabilize hand tremors. This product is available from a U.S. retailer and costs about $20 (USD), plus an additional shipping fee.

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